Tony Thompson Racing have built their business and earned their exceptionalreputation by building and supplying high-quality Lotus parts that fit well andperform as they should, not only for the track but for customers who want theirroad Elan to work reliably in the modern day world. But as the restorer and owner of a very stock… Continue reading Testimonial

TTR new gearbox product

We at TTR have pleasure in announcing a new product to add to our inventory. We have been building race and road 2000e gearboxes from the ground upwards for many years but relied on donor reverse forks from original boxes. With these becoming scarce we have developed our own reverse fork using premium quality steel… Continue reading TTR new gearbox product

A tribute to Zeb

A Tribute to Zeb. Eddie’s lovely dog who passed away last Friday 7 February aged 10. Zeb entered Ed’s life as young dog who had a difficult start in life with several homes before they met up. The bond was instant and two lives were changed completely. Ed suddenly learnt responsibility, he progressed from rather… Continue reading A tribute to Zeb