Up to a quality, not down to a price.

We at Tony Thompson pride ourselves on quality and reliability of our products, we have a saying

“Up to a quality not down to a price”

Tony has worked tirelessly over the years in product development predominantly for the Race market but has further developed into the Fast road area. We know the importance of reliability and fit first time, time is precious and revisiting an annoying knock or vibration can be costly and frustrating to find a new part has failed prematurely. Time out on the Race track is great and exhilarating, having the confidence in the car is key and Tony has engineered his components to withstand the rigours of a racing environment and the strength to compete at the top level.

When you are thinking of purchasing from TTR we are on hand to advise the best solution to your requirements and once you buy from us we offer great after sales, if you have a question on fitment, advice on upgrades or a technical issue we continue to support you. Tony has many years of experience and is actively available for technical assistance and advice, something we believe is a unique facet to our business.

A tribute to Zeb

A Tribute to Zeb.

Eddie’s lovely dog who passed away last Friday 7 February aged 10.

Zeb entered Ed’s life as young dog who had a difficult start in life with several homes before they met up. The bond was instant and two lives were changed completely. Ed suddenly learnt responsibility, he progressed from rather a wild young man into a caring adult, he adored Zeb, or Hank as he usually called him. We all fell for Zeb’s easy charm and funny ways.

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Tony, Jan, Eddie, Stuart & Tom would like to thank our customers and friends for their continued support during 2019. Many congratulations to the many drivers who won so many of the races this year.

Also a big appreciation of the great work done by the race teams, engineers and mechanics.

We look forward to seeing you all next season at the circuits.

Our final day of 2019 is Monday 23rd December, we open for 2020 on 2nd January.

Congratulations to Per Norberg on a fantastic season

All at TTR would like to congratulate Per on his race results this season, his Lotus Elan has been extremely competitive during the season, we thank him for purchasing many TTR products over the years and wish him luck next season.

Kinnekulle: Positon 2nd, 2nd in class
Karlskoga: Position 4th, 2nd in class
Karlskoga: Position 3rd, 2nd in class
Mantorp: Position 2nd, 1st in class


We are pleased to announce the long awaited arrival of our new SG iron centre gearbox cases, we have relied on donor gearboxes to use the iron cases in the past, but these have become harder to find. There has been an increase in demand due to FIA requirements to run an iron main case in race events. The centre case is made from a top grade iron material much stronger than the original, this product will now future proof our ability to supply new build gearboxes long into the future.