TTR Limited are pleased to announce that we have completed a full evaluation of our Race Exhaust Manifold.

We have developed a brand new Easyfit Race Manifold with slip joints which means they can be fitted or removed in minutes.

The primary and secondary pipes have revised lengths and diameters to give more torque and power at lower RPM with no loss of power. Easier to drive and faster corner exit means quicker lap times.

Of vital importance is the material.

They are made of the correct grade of mild steel not the fashionable and pleasantly pretty stainless steel.

The reason is simple.

Stainless steel is brittle and likely to crack.

Unless there is a specialist welder willing and able in the paddock any failure or crack means the end of an expensive weekend.

There is always someone in the paddock nearby who can repair damage or a very unlikely crack in mild steel.

So your race weekend can continue.

Our manifolds can be coated with many different materials if desired. This can be sanded off fast should a repair be needed.

If you really require a stainless material then you can have a system custom made in the correct material called Inconel. This will cost thousands and is certainly not a period or historic material.

However any repair will be virtually impossible at or near the circuit.

We are confident that these are the fastest and best product on the market. Please call for any further information.


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