Racing straight cut dog type.

With coated steel full contact selector forks.

Available in close & ultra close ratios.

Using new SG Quaife iron casings £3528.00

Options listed below:

Billet Aluminium top cover (Stiffens gearbox for improved reliability) £77.00

Aluminium main case L169 (Saves 3.8kg) £10.00

Aluminium main case L155 (Saves 3.8kg) £65.00

Magnesium main case (Saves 4.65kg) £95.00

(Magnesium & Alloy main cases have special alloy/bronze layshaft inserts and alloy filler and drain plugs)

Aluminium Tail Housing (Saves 3.55kg) £350.00

Aluminium Tail Housing short Clubmans (Saves 3.2kg) £435.00

Aluminium Tail Housing mk1 Escort/mk2 Cortina £427.00

Complete Quickshift for mk1 Escort & mk2 Cortina £170.00

Aluminium Bell Housing (Saves 4.625kg) £345.00

Magnesium Bell Housing (Saves 5.84kg) £500.00

Clutch fork pivot pin fitted to Bell Housing £26.00

Aluminium remote gearchange housing for Lotus Cortina & Lotus Seven (Machined casting only) Saves 2.5kg £275.00

Gear Lever Reverse stop block in solid Aluminium for Lotus Cortina & Lotus Seven £35.00

Product Price Code
Using Standard Iron Castings £3,528.00