Lotus Elan 26R

The Elan 26R referred to as ‘Comp Elan’ in the period is the model that everyone aspired to. Faster and lighter and with better engines tuned by Cosworth and BRM, revised chassis, heavily modified drive line and suspension, larger front brakes, alloy cooling systems, revised body and magnesium knock-on wheels resulted in a car of even greater beauty and far superior safety, reliability and performance.

Lotus Elan 26R - New Build, Rebuild or Restoration

26R Parts

We have re-manufactured almost the complete parts book for the 26R (Comp Elan) so that new cars can be built from our parts department. During design and development of these parts we have taken every possible opportunity to future upgrade all material specifications to ensure the maximum strength and reliability

Lotus Elan 26R - New Build, Rebuild or Restoration

New build, rebuild or restoration

With our agents we are happy to commission either a new build, a rebuild or restoration of your existing car to competition specification for track days, sprint and hill climb, rally and race. We have prepared cars for all categories of racing worldwide.

Every single car built or rebuilt for a fast driver by us has won his first event out of the box. The reason is simple; a lifetime of experience, racing and building ‘Comp Elans’ means that we know every setting and adjustment required for every circuit to produce a car that works without experimentation, testing or development.

Lotus Elan 26R - New Build, Rebuild or Restoration