Modifying Your Elan

Modification requirements before engine tuning, track days or competition In order of priority – by Tony Thompson.

Lotus Elan 26R Parts, Historic Racing, Lotus Elan Racing Parts pr R

  • 1 pr Race spec special steel diff output shafts
  • 1 pr Special steel wheel bearing / hub shafts
  • 1 pr TTR Centre drive shafts to replace rotoflex
  • 1 Drive shaft bolt kit.
  • 1 Set rear wheel bearings
  • Extra heavy duty top diff mount kit
  • Top diff brace bar
  • Uprated bottom diff mount kit
  • 1 pr Uprated engine mounts
  • 1 Uprated gearbox rubber mount
  • 1 pr 26R solid rack mounts
  • 1 Steering u/j (replaces rubber coupling)
  • 1 pr TTR front shocks with adjustable ride height & adjustable damping with springs for fast road / track day New revised 2017 spec
  • pr TTR Koni Sport special top adjustable special rear shocks

Narrow diameter rear spring conversion for using wider tyres & facility to adjust ride height

  • 1 Pair narrow diameter spring top caps
  • 1 Pair narrow diameter rear springs
  • 1 Pair platform thread kit for DIY
  • 1 Pair rear bump stop rubbers.

The only cooling system which keeps 70°c at 30°c ambient!

  • 26R radiator alloy
  • 26R swirlpot alloy
  • 2 hoses
  • Radiator cap for road std £15 or high pressure cap
  • Thermostatic fan kit for alloy radiator
  • Oil cooler kit, price according to spec for over 160BHP or circuit use.

  • Electronic ignition complete bespoke TTR system with new distributor with reliable 12 volt Japanese electronics Magnecor black plug leads new coil & wiring Complete kit.
  • TTR Starter Motor
  • Unique FIA homologated lightweight rear rollover bar / side & foot bars
  • Harness adaptor bracket kit roll cage to harness FIA /MSA spec
  • Fire system according to spec
  • Harness suggest 4 point specially made Elan lengths FIA
  • 1 Metre rollover bar padding
  • TTR special big bore tuned length 26R manifold, gaskets and system to suit, price according to required specification.
  • Brake pads according to speed car will be driven at.
  • Brake check valve to stop rears locking £101.
  • Oils & fluids.

To use these harnesses with Federal specification seats you will need to have your own custom bracket fitted by a local specialist. This is due to the height and integral headrest.
These parts are essential before you do any of the following:

Tuning the engine, track days of any kind, fitting modern sticky tyres or competition of any kind because the standard parts will break with resultant further damage or accident.

NEW F.I.A. Governing Body Technical Passport – Information to Help Completion of New F.I.A. Historic Technical Passport

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This is an informal guide and is only to assist unofficially. We have No jurisdiction or official control or association with any governing body. The responsibility for compliance rests with the owner of the car.

Parts Weight Savings Chart

Bell Housing 
Iron8.4 kg 
Alloy3.775 kg4.625 kg
Magnesium2.56 kg5.84 kg
Centre Case  
Iron7 kg 
Alloy2.35 kg3.8 kg
Magnesium3.2 kg4.65 kg
Tail Housing  
Iron5.8 kg 
Alloy2.25 kg3.55 kg
Lotus Cortina Remote Housing
Diff Nose Housing 
Diff Rear Housing 
Rear Upright 

Note Weight Savings Are Average, Castings Vary Very Slightly

On A Back To Back Test at Brands Hatch Grand Prix Circuit, an Elan weighing 580kg was 4 Seconds per lap quicker than a similar engined Elan weighing 660kg.