Option 1 (Synchromesh)

Our latest product for road cars, rally, hillclimb & sprint.

Also ideal for events like tour auto.

Helical cut (quiet running) close ratio synchromesh.

The original Lotus Ford type but with needle roller gears & uprated spigot bearing. Produced for us by R.T. Quaife engineering limited on their brand new machine then rem superfinished for quieter, cooler running & extra strength.

Built with standard iron casings, new brass baulk rings & new brass selector forks.

Product Price Code
Using Standard Iron Castings £2,982.00
Top Cover For Gearbox Machined From Billet Alloy To Stiffen Case For Extra Reliability£78TTR-GC-022
Gearbox Case L155 Ultra Spec Aluminium With Special Alloy Bronze Layshaft£490TTR-GC-333
Tail Housing Aluminium LM25TF (Saves 3.55 Kg)£347TTR-GC-012
Clubmans Short Tail Housing Aluminium LM25 TF (Saves 3.2kg)£432TTR-GC-027
Bell Housing Aluminium L169: Unique Correct Competition Strength (Saves 4.625kg)£335TTR-GC-001
Bell Housing Magnesium L122 (Saves 5.84 Kg)£487TTR-GC-002
Front Gearbox Bearing£26TTR-GC-622
Gear Lever Retaining Cap (Aluminium)£35.00TTR-GC-646
Remote Gearchange Housing For Mk1 Lotus Cortina Aluminium LM25TF (Saves 2.5 Kg)£273TTR-GC-018
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