Weight saving TTR Magnesium Fialite Cortina wheels new revision

Tony Thompson Racing Ltd are proud to announce our latest revised Magnesium 5.5″ Fialite, cast and machined at a superb weight saving 3.6kg.

TTR Limited have during the last 6 months renewed or refurbished all our wheel patterns and tooling with the latest CAD CAM technology to ensure the lightest and strongest possible wheels for racing. All our wheels are cast in England and CNC machined in England the historical home of racing wheels where the depth of knowledge exists.

Magnesium is the perfect material for competition because it is 33% lighter than Aluminium. Wheels are unsprung weight which in performance terms is twice as beneficial as sprung weight. The most important weight you can save on the whole car.

Strength and Safety. Our wheels are cast in UK certified material of the highest grade of magnesium correct for use on wheels. That is a magnesium with good elongation properties which means elasticicity and the ability to bend on impact to a far greater ability than any aluminium can which will help prevent failure on impact. Most Aluminium wheels are imported and not even from the EU.

Formula 1 uses magnesium for these reasons.

Why spend tens of thousands on an engine to save some money on wheels?

The wheels are just as vital to achieve safe reliable and faster lap times.

Lighter wheels also make the car much more pleasant to drive giving faster response and a lighter easier feel to the steering and handling.

They take away the stress and load from the suspension and enable the shock absorbers to give their best performance and longer life.

The Magnesium used to manufacture the wheels is corrosion resistant modern Aerospace which includes precious metals as opposed to original Magnesium which was pure Magnesium and prone to corrosion.


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